Probably your website is attractive, optimized for search engines, and engaging. Do you know that the same site requires regular maintenance or part of it might require redesign to perform better?

Your website needs to stay updated and fresh. That way, it can attract more traffic, doesn’t seem outdated or unattractive, and facilitates better communication between you and your audience or customers. allMasajid offers effective and reliable website redesign and maintenance services to keep your site up-to-date. The benefits of regular site maintenance include;

  • Keep your site looking professional always
  • Protect your website against malware and hackers
  • Hiring web maintenance services frees up your time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business activities.
  • Fresh and up-to-date content (relevance and quality) helps the site’s SEO.

Typical website updates

As your company grows, our site maintenance team ensures that your site is up-to-date to continue meeting your business needs. Some of the important website updates that we perform include;

Overall site enhancements: Your site’s most reliable performance appraisal is the feedback you receive from your site users. These include suggestions, questions, comments, and complaints. We use these pieces of feedback to improve your site’s performance.

Services or product updates: It’s investable that your business will offer new products and services. You will need to include these products, their specs, prices, and other details on your site. Remember, consumers trust the internet, and if you want them to learn about your new product, keep your site up-to-date.

E-commerce specials: Whenever your business is offering discount programs and special promotion, it’s wise to keep your audience informed. Routine site maintenance services make it easier for you to share these e-commerce specials on your site in time.

Interactivity maintenance: As search engines become smarter and technology continues to evolve, most websites start to appear aged if their interactive elements aren’t updated consistently. Website maintenance services fine-tune your sites interactive elements and ensure that they are working correctly.

Website redesign or maintenance?

Deciding whether a specific website should be redesigned or require regular maintenance is a job for the professionals. Here are essential elements that our team takes into consideration.

  • Define benchmarks and objectives: This involves gauging the effectiveness of a given site by every relevant metric right from overall traffic to leads generation rate and conversion rates. This helps determine what needs to be enhanced or dropped off.

  • Define project scope:Our experts then create a project blueprint based on your company goals, strategize your desired success level while giving you a proven reason why redesign or simple enhancements are necessary.

  • Preserve SEO:Even of your site must be redesigned, our professional webmasters can create a design strategy that preserves the recently build SEO operations and brand awareness campaigns.

  • Planning the site’s design and content strategy:Our experts always ensure all new designs or modification put keyword-rich content and user-friendly design into consideration.

  • Continuous monitoring and optimization:We deploy gradual updates and monitor user-response or interaction to optimize the redesign or maintenance process for better results.

Your business website is a breathing asset: it’s never complete and needs ongoing updates and maintenance.

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