allMasajid can audit and certify your management systems, allowing you to harness the benefits of operating at peak efficiency and safety. In addition to demonstrating your organization’s compliance with the set standards, our bespoke management systems services can help build trust in your brand and differentiate it from your competitors.

The ever-increasing global competition has provided numerous consumer options for the same service or product. Unless your company can achieve a repeatable quality, it will always struggle to attract relevant customers and retain them. In such an environment, the performance of your preferred management systems such as processes, procedures, and framework of policies is mission critical.

The functionality of your organization’s management systems has a cumulative impact on its operations and overall success in supply chain integrity, regulatory compliance, workplace safety, environmental impact, and other aspects of your company. allMasajid is your trusted partner in auditing all your company’s processes, policies, and procedures to stay competitive. Our management systems experts take a risk-based approach that can help your company integrate with any new management initiative, empowering you to enhance the company’s performance while keeping risks at a minimum level.

At allMasajid, we take a tailored approach to audit and certify each organization’s management system. We have been serving different organizations over the years and learned that the process of designing and implementing an effective management system follows similar phases. In our experience, these phases are crucial in setting up a replicable, organized, and sustainable management system that can incorporate multiple companies needs and can be easily and effectively be implemented throughout your company. These important steps include.

Step 1: Plan
  • Your environmental aspects and impacts
  • Organizational framework of policies
  • Company short-term and long-term goals
  • Legal and other necessary requirements
  • Threats, risks, and hazards
Step 2: Do
  • Company interruption preparedness and response
  • Documentation and control of your organization’s documents
  • Define resources, responsibilities, authority, and roles
  • Communication
  • Operational control
  • Training
Step 3: Check
  • Internal audit
  • Entire management review
  • Monitoring and measurement options
  • Evaluation of legal compliance
  • Supply chain audit
  • Corrective action, nonconformity, and preventive action
Step 4: Act
  • Regular improvement projects
  • Take corrective action or preventive action where necessary

Always remember that allMasajid has a specific level of technical skills in handling different management systems no matter what the industry is in. Allow experts to make your systems more efficient at an affordable cost.

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