Salaat emphasizes the direct relation of the Muslim to the Almighty Allah. The time of five compulsory prayers helps the believers in setting the pattern of their entire day;

  • Fajr prayer is offered at dawn, before sunrise
  • Zuhr prayer is offered at midday, after the peak hour of the sun is passed
  • Asr prayer is offered in the late afternoon
  • Maghrib prayer is offered at sunset
  • Isha prayer is offered after sunset and before midnight

Salaat offers a continuous reminder of the real meaning of our creation and highlights the proximity of our religion and day-to-day activities. According to the Islamic point of view, our life is an opportunity for praying and the remembering Allah - Praying five times a day and suspending the routine activities develops the awareness of this concept. By offering Salaat daily, the believer attains a spiritual understanding and true meaning of life.

Salaat purifies the soul and the believers achieve religious commitment as well as moral elevation. It does not just provide you with a strong connection with Allah, but it also helps in establishing persistence, humbleness, and honesty. Salaat gives us a way to ask forgiveness and stops us from unfair deeds.

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