Today, millions of people struggle with extreme unemployment, crippling debts, anguish, a lack of opportunity for higher education, poverty, starvation, and a lack of clean water. We have a toll at our disposal during this Ramadan to keep up the fight against these social ills: Zakat. Zakat has the power to end poverty, hunger, and thirst. This article will be helping you about EFFECTS OF GIVING ZAKAT ON SOCIETY.

Zakat offers several local, national, and international solutions with a focus on reducing poverty. It is a very potent institution that can help communities all across the world thrive sustainability. Every year, it is thought that between  $200 billion and $2 trillion worth of zakat is produced and distributed globally.

But are you aware of the impact your zakat donation has?



According to the UN, poverty is when you live on $1.90 a day. 

But not all forms of poverty are material. Lack of access to safe drinking water, healthcare, prescription drugs, shelter, food, denial of opportunities, violation of one’s right to human dignity, lack of resources preventing one from participating in society, lack of access to land for growing food, insecurity, and vulnerability to violence are all examples of poverty.


  • 10% of people worldwide made less than $2 each day
  • There are over 700 million extremely poor people.
  • In most regions, the bulk of persons impacted are women, children, and young people.
  • In the world, 85% of people survive on less than $30 each day.
  • The majority of under-five fatalities are brought on by curable illnesses like malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea that are brought on by starvation, tainted water, and poor sanitation.
  • More than 63 million kids between the ages of 6 and 11 do not attend school. There is a chance that this issue will later on grow worse.
  • Today, almost 9% of the world’s population still defecates in the open, contaminating food and water sources.




The following are a few of the social and financial advantages of zakat:


  • It offers those who might otherwise feel forlorn hope.
  • Wealth redistribution.
  • Establishes and upholds human dignity.
  • Creates relationships on a local, national, and international level.
  • Decreases poverty.
  • Financial assistance for clothing, food, and shelter.
  • Support and assistance for heavily indebted people.
  • It stops the destitute from using illegitimate or illegal methods to make a living.
  • It aids in bridging the wealth gap and the poverty gap.
  • Encourages generosity and selflessness.
  • Prevents the accumulation of riches.
  • Raises awareness of pertinent issues in your community and around the world.
  • Eliminates interpersonal disputes.
  • Creates a community of ownership.
  • The creation of social security.

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Consider the word “dignity”. Everyone has a right to dignity and their self-respect. Islam does not support begging, as it reduces the level of self-respect in one’s own eyes. Islam aims to make things right before anyone has to start begging. The fact that Islam places a high value on human dignity is one of its most significant characteristics. Zakar distribution does not equate to giving the needy charity. Zakat is an effective instrument to re-distribute wealth to those who are most in need, many of whom are living in poverty through no fault of their own but because of tragic circumstances, such as war, lack of resources, and consequential constraints. Many people even kids are compelled to report to world early at the expense of skipping their school,

Zakat is more than just charitable contributions. Much more than that is involved. In essence, zakat is a percentage of one’s wealth that is legally paid to those who are entitled to it and fulfills the threshold. According to our prophetic traditions, the giver should extend their hand under it while donating to charity, and the one receiving it should place their hand over yours to accept it. This simple action curbs arrogance and a sense of entitlement. Since it is their right, it protects the recipient’s ability to regain and uphold their dignity. Zakat is the mechanism in Islam that makes community sustenance possible  



Some people choose to make their Zakat donations informally, among themselves, which is fantastic and strongly encouraged!

There is also a potent method of distributing your Zakat through renowned and trustworthy institutions.

This was all about EFFECTS OF GIVING ZAKAT ON SOCIETY. If you have any suggestion or question, just comment below.

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